Looking After Your Car During Lockdown If It Is Not Being Used

If your vehicle is sat for too long without being driven during lockdown it could cause problems. Whether you want to keep your car roadworthy for essential travel, or are concerned about the impact of not driving it at all, especially during the winter months. Here are some tips on how to avoid some of those potential problems.

Caring For Your Battery & Brakes

If your brakes have not been used for a while, the brake discs will start to corrode and will eventually seize. To stop this from happening simply roll your car back and forth a few metres, this will also prevent your tyres from forming flat spots.

If the brake discs corrode, it can cause the handbrake to stick. If you are able to park your car on flat ground, leave your vehicle in gear and chock your wheels. Never do this if you live on a slope or you have to park on the public road.

You should pay attention to maintaining your car battery even if you don’t use your vehicle. If your car is parked in a private and safe area you should consider getting a battery trickle charger. If it’s not possible for you to run a lead to your car, you should start your car up at least once a week and let it run for approximately 5 minutes this will also allow oil to lubricate the engine.

Check the condition of your tyres

Check your tyres to ensure you have the right tread depth and that there are no defects, the minimum legal tread depth is 1.6mm.

You should check your tyres for good inflation, you can find the correct tyre pressure in the owner handbook or on some vehicles there is a sticker located in the door shut.

Some newer vehicles have a tyre pressure monitor (TPMS) that will warn you when your tyre pressure has dropped.

Check for uneven tread wear as well as any cuts, bulges in the sidewall also check the tread of the tyre for nails/screws. Are all the valve caps present? Valve caps prevent dirt and moisture from getting in the valve and causing issues.

We will  remain open, so if you have any concerns please do not hesitate to contact us to have your vehicle checked.


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